The Tricer-BC is a ultralight backcountry hunters dream. If you are someone wants to save weight, have maximum stability, and only sits when you glass then the BC is for you. Utilizing an inverted leg design the 27oz BC is the the strongest tripod in its class. Long gone are the days of using a photography tripod with pencil thin legs on the ground. The inverted BC has  3 section legs with the largest 1 1/8” leg on the ground, a 1” in the middle, and the thinnest 7/8” leg at the head. This revolutionary backcountry tripod will easily handle any optic or rifle you put on it. The BC proves you can go ultralight without sacrificing stability.


      • 8x carbon fiber construction
      • weight 27oz with 9" center column
      • weight 26.6oz with 4" center column 
      • Inverted legs 7/8”-1”-1 1/8”
      • 9” center post with hang hook
      • Extra 4” center column for shooting prone or saving weight
      • 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 reversible stud
      • 40” max height 
      • 15” collapsed height with legs 180 folded
      • 17” folded standard
      • diameter of a Nalgene 
      • 1/4 turn twist lock
      • 26.4lb weight capacity 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jed Christiansen
Great product

My only complaint OSS that now I have to order an extension to look through my spring scope standing!!! So annoying that I spent 600.00 and it didn’t come ready to use.

Troy Towell
Nice tripod

Just received my tripod havent had time to test it in the woods but seems to be very well made and i bet it will stand up to the abuse and hard miles in the mountains

Tyler G
Great Tripod!

Quick setup/breakdown, super light and compact, very sturdy considering it's light weight. Bought the Tricer-LP head and bino adapter along with it. Mainly been running BX-5 15x56's on it and I love the setup.

benjamin Hinkle
Tricer BC is a Smooth operator

“She’s a smooth operator” with some bongo’s in the background should be the next music played for the tricer BC ad. Buttery smooth pan head. Wide legs at the bottom vs narrow at the bottom is a HUGE upgrade. No idea it would make that big of a difference. Best tripod I own. Period.

She’s a smooth operator….

Already impressed!

I ordered the Tricer BC (along with the Bino adapter, Tricer LP, and the Tricer AP Arca plate) for my husband for his birthday. I was so impressed with the almost immediate response to a question I emailed prior to ordering. I was also happily surprised with placing my order on a Sunday and within hours, I received a notification email providing my order's tracking number. The products made it here in record time and my husband is absolutely delighted with the quality, light weight, and craftmanship that went into these pieces. He commented on the nice universal fit of the Bino adapter and AP Arc adapter for the binoculars and spotting scope he already had. He's tried them out in our yard and can't wait to put them to use in the field. As of right now, he's thoroughly impressed.
Thanks Tricer!!!!!