Born in the backcountry, all Tricer products were invented out of necessity. We are avid backcountry hunters and are always looking for a way to save an ounce and get an edge in the field. Our stuff will be in our packs, and we have our hunts in mind whenever we are developing products.

At Tricer, we strive to challenge everything, and no isn’t an answer we like to hear. We encourage asking “why”. There are many things done and used by hunters, simply because that is how it’s always been done; or because that is the only way they know. We here at Tricer want to help challenge the hunting status quo’s by giving our customers innovative tools for the backcountry.

We are here to support our customers. We recognize that your failures and success in the field is ours as well. When you work with us you gain a hunting partner to help you go deeper, and hunt harder.

Every Tricer product is manufactured right here in the USA by hardworking Americans. There are certain things in life that require compromise, but Made In USA will never be a compromise for Tricer. Everything from our hunting tools, to our shirts and hats, are American made. If supporting an American worker means less profit for us, then so be it. When you wear our clothing or use our products, be proud that you helped put food on an American family’s table.



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