The Tricer-BC is a ultralight backcountry hunters dream. If you are someone wants to save weight, have maximum stability, and only sits when you glass then the BC is for you. Utilizing an inverted leg design the 27oz BC is the the strongest tripod in its class. Long gone are the days of using a photography tripod with pencil thin legs on the ground. The inverted BC has  3 section legs with the largest 1 1/8” leg on the ground, a 1” in the middle, and the thinnest 7/8” leg at the head. This revolutionary backcountry tripod will easily handle any optic or rifle you put on it. The BC proves you can go ultralight without sacrificing stability.


      • 8x carbon fiber construction
      • weight 27oz with 9" center column
      • weight 26.6oz with 4" center column 
      • Inverted legs 7/8”-1”-1 1/8”
      • 9” center post with hang hook
      • Extra 4” center column for shooting prone or saving weight
      • 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 reversible stud
      • 40” max height 
      • 15” collapsed height with legs 180 folded
      • 17” folded standard
      • diameter of a Nalgene 
      • 1/4 turn twist lock
      • 26.4lb weight capacity 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Ben Pruden
Amazing from what I can tell

I haven’t had a chance to put it in the field yet but comparing it to my other ones it’s hands down the best. Sturdy and light. Thanks for a great product!

Keaton Krantz
Game changer

I got my tricer bc last spring and ran it for all 2023 hunting season in montana. It's a game changer for a guy who what's the lightest gear for backpack hunting look no further.


So light, its exactly what you want in a tripod.

Tricer B.C on Gritty Podcast

I saw a review done by Brian Call and Brad Hunt on the Tricer. They spoke highly of it and I decided to give it a try. Very impressed with the whole unit, which includes the bino adapter. The head is very smooth and I like the "upside-down" orientation of the legs, which make it super stable for its weight. Can't wait to get out into the mountains this year to spend some more time with it!


Light easy to adjust and assemble and to get back into a pack and keep moving. Solid as a rock also.